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Dedicated server hosting is an ideal solution for websites that have high traffic and use a lot of resources. Whether you have a complex e-commerce website, work with mission-critical data, have high spikes of traffic or you simply need some IT guidance – we can assist. Our complete range of dedicated servers can be tailored to meet any needs and all budgets – it’s simply a case of selecting what’s right for your company. Instant UK Servers delivers a range of UK Dedicated Server Hosting to scale to your business necessities.

All of our UK Dedicated Server allows you to pick your preferred operating system when designing your server. Our solution at a Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Price is a superb idea when you want to grow a website or when you want unbiased and candid opinions. Benefits you can relish with our UK Dedicated Server Hosting Provider:

Speedy – With tuning of performance with security, we harden all dedicated hosting packages using the avant-garde technologies.

Reliable – Our dedicated hosting service is independently monitored with a proven network uptime record of over 99.999%. In the rare scenario, you have issues, we will compensate you.

Scalable – We use scalable infrastructure so that your dedicated hosting package can grow when your project demands.

Supported – We offer you genuine round the clock support with response times of just seconds, not minutes, with the AC support provided by vendor Paradise Valley HVAC

Our UK Dedicated Server Hosting ensures 100% network uptime. We have a team of technical experts who monitor your dedicated server every second of every day, throughout the year. We protect your server from various risks, threats and vulnerabilities. With numerous premium features and UK based solid technical support, we have the perfect solution for your company. Get started with one of our best UK dedicated server hosting plans today.