Book Domain Name Online

Book Domain Name Online

Congratulations! You’ve set up your company, all of your items are ready to ship, and you have even devised a marketing strategy. It’s now time to book a domain name online. Excited? You ought to be. While the chances of landing the right domain name are many, so are the hazards of getting it incorrectly. So, before you spend money on your desired domain name, keep these pointers in mind to prevent a domain name disaster.

Create a “Name-plan.”

Your domain name remains with you for a long time, maybe for the rest of your company’s existence. Plan a domain name strategy that matches your business and website claim to hit the target with your first shot. Bring social media on board as soon as possible. Keep in mind how your social media handles could line up with your potential site name while you seek the right domain name. You wish to acquire the domain; the Onlive server is available 24/7 to assist in Book Domain Name Online with our expert technical team. 

If your website and social media accounts have the same name, the opportunities for cross-marketing, seamless search integration, and reputation development increase dramatically. You can find excellent guidance on how to alter your social media handles from Onlive Server.

Select appropriate keywords for your website. Some could argue that this stage comes before deciding on a domain name online. Choosing keywords to associate with your site will help you rank higher in searches in the long run. Even one or two powerful keywords related to your site’s goal will improve the searchability and relevance of your content for visitors. They could even salvage some traffic on your business platform that has been lost due to a poor domain name.

Maintain a broad scope

What happens if a new rival introduces a superior rose variety or if you decide to update your inventory? Keep in mind that you’re a garden business that offers more than roses. It’s preferable to select a domain name that will remain relevant as your company grows.

Is Your Web Address Radio-Ready?

Consider the last time you attended a noisy party or function. Have you ever been annoyed when attempting to order a drink or converse with a buddy because of the background noise?  Did you have to ask the other person to repeat what they were saying because you misunderstood them?

A domain name registration that fails the “radio test,” as we call it, may cause the same type of annoyance. Will someone be able to input your website’s name accurately into their browser from memory if they hear it on the radio? When you’re brainstorming domain names, say them aloud, both to yourself and to a trusted friend or colleague.

More fantastic suggestions can be found in our piece about the radio test. That will help your domain name look precisely like it sounds and vice versa. Avoid homonyms, numerals, terms with popular alternate spellings (color or theatre, for example). And words that are regularly misspelled, keeping the radio test in mind.

While adding hyphens to achieve your perfect domain name may appear to be a less brilliant option. They tend to make your site look less professional and do not affect keyword SEO. Indeed, some research suggests they may have a detrimental influence. In comparison, you may be unhappy to learn that is already taken. Also, keep an eye out for domain names that remove vowels (Tumblr and Flickr have already monopolized this market) or use digits instead of letters ( smart characters might wind up confusing your viewers.

Domain Name Fail should be avoided at all costs

Due to the lack of spaces in domain names, the letters joined together to make your URL may not always spell the words you wish. Book Domain Name Registration Online blunders are usually amusing—unless you’re the one who put in the time, effort, and money to come up with them. Then it’s no longer amusing.

To register a domain name on Onlive Server, follow these simple steps:
  • Try logging in at, where you may use your registered email address and password.
  • You’ll notice a search box where you may input your term and select the appropriate extension from the categories list.
  • You may vary the currency type, and each extension displays various rates. Onlive Server allows you to select the extension that best meets your needs at a reasonable price. If the domain name you’ve typed isn’t accessible right now, you’ll have to look for another similar one.
  • Once you’ve chosena domain name, you may check out by making a one-year payment. If you want to keep the domain name after a year, you may finish the payment by renewing the registration on our site. Business owners should use the same domain throughout.

The Bottom Line Choosing a one-of-a-kind URL is a significant step toward “set your flag” in the online world. It’s how the rest of the world will recognize you if they search for you online. Once you’ve done your task and made sure you’ve got your eye on the distinctive, catchy, memorable, and right domain name. Onlive Server provides everything you need to locate available domains and register and the tools and services to develop your online reputation. So visit our website to book domain name online and fetch more additional features.