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A simple website of a small business or large business is mainly dependent on the content present inside the website, the place where the website is hosted, the address, or the website’s domain. If your website’s content is well good, but your hosting is of low quality, it is of no use. What is Hosting? Hong Kong Dedicated Server hosting so crucial for our website and applications, and where will we get the best hosting? These are some questions that we will discuss today.

The server is the place where we can host our website or applications. In other words, the server is the storehouse of web pages. Hosting is the process of keeping our content of the website on the server. Yes, it is very much crucial for every user or organization that has its website. Without hosting, we can’t make our website popular. Users or clients can’t find our website and the services that we provide. So the server is the medium with the help of which we can send our website worldwide.

Hong Kong Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

Processor / Cores / Threads / RAM / Space
Hong Kong Dedicated Server – DSX1 – 2x Intel Core i3-4150 – 4c/8t/3.50 GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Dedicated Server – DSX2 – Intel Xeon E3-1230v6 – 4c/8t/3.90 GHz, 16GB RAM, 1TB HDD
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Dedicated Server – DSX3 – Intel Xeon E5-2670 – 8c/16t/3.30 GHz, 32GB RAM, 2 x 480 GB SSD
Hong Kong

There are different types of hosting available in the world that many companies provide. Onlive Server is one of the mentionable and top-rated server hosting companies that will provide various services. Mentionable services are VPS Hosting, Dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting, shared hosting, and many more.

Today we will discuss the dedicated server of Hong Kong, which is one of the beneficial servers for hosting.

About the company:

Onlive Server is the cheap dedicated server hosting company since 2009 that provides servers to single dedicated users. We provide many types of services to our clients based on their requirements at a low budget. We provide Could VPS hosting to various large as well as small business firms.

Hong Kong Dedicated Server:

If you are planning for the best hosting server, then you are in the right place. A cost-effective and high quality dedicated servers are available in Onlive Server. We provide you the cheap dedicated servers all over the world.

Yes, dedicated servers are expensive than VPS or shared hosting, but it is cheap here. Dedicated means all yours; no one will have control over your hosting server. You can use it as you want. You can add or remove software according to your wish. E-commerce websites get more benefits from these dedicated servers.

Our Hong Kong server plans are full of dedicated features. Small business or large business firm, our dedicated servers will help you to grow with high traffic and high performance without any problem and lagging.

The leading dedicated features you will get from our Hong Kong dedicated hosting server are Data Backup Facility, smooth and fast SSD/HDD storage, Power Security, and High Bandwidth Facility. Any Operating system, High Traffic, Full access to control panel. We are providing our data center near you to get the maximum speed, and high traffic will not cause any issue to your server.

Details about the Plan:

We are keeping in mind our customers’ business requirements for the last 9 years. We are serving the best plans at a low cost with a high facility for our Cheap Dedicated Server. You can choose your operating system according to your requirement and full control over your control panel in every plan.

One of our plans has the features of an Intel XEON 2x E5-2620 processor with 2 TB HDD and 128 GB RAM, 6 Core /2.4GHz frequency. So there will be no issue with the speed of your website or application. You can use a huge store amount of data on your server.

Benefits of choosing Hong Kong cheap dedicated server from Onliveserver:
  • High Performance and super-fast network capacity
  • 24*7 technical support
  • Full Root Access
  • High Bandwidth facility
  • Full Network Guarantee

So, we assure you of the best server with all-time technical support for our Hong Kong server. Other than this, we also provide our services of dedicated servers in other different countries. Italy, Ukraine, France, India, Europe, and many more. We have our technical support team for 24*7 hours for our customers. So you can contact them anytime. They will provide you a fast, secure custom solution.