Switzerland Dedicated Server

If you are looking to host your website or application in another country, then it’s important to know all of the different options that are available to you. Onlive Server offers dedicated servers that are housed in multiple locations throughout the world. Here are some of the top reasons why you might want to choose a Switzerland Dedicated Server from an Onlive Server.

Data Privacy

Switzerland law requires that data be kept private. That’s why you can trust any business based in Switzerland. As they are required by law to protect all customer data. They don’t have a choice – if they don’t follow privacy laws, they get fined. This means that Switzerland businesses do not sell customer data on and cannot share it with third parties without consent.

Virtual Location

When you buy a dedicated server, chances are that you want it for your business. However, sometimes companies face certain restrictions in terms of hosting their data and applications within their borders. This is especially true when it comes to international organizations with offices in multiple countries. When these situations arise. Then you need to choose a host in an entirely different country than where your physical office is located – such as a Switzerland Dedicated Server hosting offered by Onlive Server.

Proximity to Customers

One of the main reasons many businesses choose to host their website in a specific country is because of proximity. This means that if you’re hosting your site in another country, it will load faster for users based there. If you’re targeting customers and clients in Europe, look into the Switzerland dedicated servers from Onlive Server.

Cost Savings

When you buy your dedicated server hosting in Zurich, or any other location. You’re not just buying access to one data center. Instead, you’re paying for access to all of our data centers around the world – with more locations constantly being added! This gives you much greater flexibility if you ever need failover options. If anything happens in one location, simply switch your servers to another without taking your site offline.

Power Density

A higher power density means your dedicated server will deliver more performance for every square inch of rack space it takes up. That’s because using less metal in our design allows us to cram more computing power into smaller spaces. A high-density server like ours gives you great performance without being bulky. So, you can save space and maximize both capital and operational efficiency.

Flexible Operation Hours

If you’re like most businesses, you don’t operate around typical business hours. As a result, your server shouldn’t either. Our Switzerland dedicated servers provide 24/7 support with operating hours. That suit your team and any time zone they work in. Reach out to our staff at any time and we will be happy to assist you.

Infrastructure Flexibility

Switzerland Data Centers support all operating systems, software, and hardware without discrimination. Whether you’re running Windows, Linux, or Mac servers on your dedicated server. You can rest assured that your Switzerland data center will be able to provide world-class performance for every type of application and service at affordable prices. So, whether you’re looking for an advanced dedicated server with customized high-performance specifications or an entry-level cost-effective solution with standard configuration. Our Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting is flexible enough to meet your exact requirements.


When you choose a dedicated server from Onlive Server. You’ll have access to 24/7 award-winning support to make sure your business stays online and running. Our IT support staff are trained to provide quick and personalized assistance in a wide range of situations, including hardware issues, updates, network configuration, and more. We know how important it is for your business to stay active at all times. This is why we’re dedicated to providing outstanding data center services. That can keep your operations up and running around the clock.

Considerations When Choosing Dedicated Servers

Businesses of all sizes are opting for a dedicated server to host their sites, applications, and other Internet-based services. You may think that it’s easy to set up a dedicated server since you don’t have to deal with any issues related to third-party web hosting, but there are certain things that you should consider before choosing between a dedicated server and shared hosting. Here are some points that you should keep in mind before deciding whether to go for a dedicated server or use a shared hosting service.