Managed dedicated server

A Complete Guide to Choosing a Managed Dedicated Server

A managed dedicated server is a wonderful option for business websites. It requires higher levels of security and performance. A managed dedicated server provides the ultimate flexibility, power, and control over your web hosting. With our dedicated server, you have full administrative rights over the operating system. It provides optimized performance, security, and scalability for your business. If you need a single server or an entire data center, we offer the right server solutions at affordable prices.

Get Managed Dedicated Server for Your Business

Hosting Solutions provides a multitude of managed dedicated servers, including Windows and Linux options. This allows us to provide hosting solutions designed to meet the demands of your online business. All small businesses, from startups to global businesses, realize the importance of reliable server infrastructure. It needs a high-performance server infrastructure. It provides high-quality hosting services at highly competitive prices. All of these needs are fulfilled by managed dedicated servers from Hosting Solutions.

How does it work?

A managed dedicated server is a powerful, and private server. A managed dedicated server gives you the flexibility to run your business that you have a huge e-commerce website and want a dedicated server you can choose our flexible plans. These plans shall fetch you all those facilities without hampering the traffic of other customers on all our servers. The greatest point about the plans is that each plan comes with a dedicated IP address.

Importance of Managed Dedicated Server with us:

• A managed dedicated hosting is the most preferred option for most of the business owners out there. It is an affordable solution with great performance and stability. Our managed dedicated hosting is ideal for need a website that supports a lot of traffic.

• Our Dedicated Servers are specially designed for your website. We provide more bandwidth, storage, speed, protection. Our dedicated hosting service provides 100% reliable high-end servers.

• To guide and access you with the right plan and to assist you with efficient solutions. Our dedicated team will be 24/7 readily available for you. The experience in Hosting will guide you, it comes to selecting the most appropriate hosting plan.

Get an Exclusive IP address

Get flexible plans to pick high-end dedicated hosting that will endure even for your business website. The greatest point about these plans with a dedicated IP address is to enable you to process the transaction safely. If you need speedy SATA hard drives, unlimited bandwidth, and extensive traffic for eCommerce transactions, it offers complete server management services to process operations, maintenance, security, back-ups, routine, disaster prevention, and recovery tasks. This is the correct way to avail of all the services from the service provider. Onlive Server is a hosting service provider’s expenses of building the server, its resources, its maintenance, and much more. The managed dedicated server helps in reducing the overheads of buying more resources.

Why should businesses choose managed dedicated hosting?

Managed dedicated hosting is a managed service with the goal of giving businesses their own servers. Businesses can use the service to host and manage their website and improve security and reliability this is the reason managed dedicated hosting is more popular is shared or VPS hosting. The Best Dedicated Server hosting is the most advanced and powerful server configuration available today. We offer you to require a high level of security and maximum uptime.


Dedicated servers are more reliable hosting, which can be a problem if your site is experiencing high traffic. Managed dedicated hosting is a good solution for small business owners. It has not reached that level of popularity. They are more concerned about the success of a website, by earning money by hosting ads on it.