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We developed a robust cloud solution with our extensive industry knowledge to satisfy all of your virtualization requirements. It offers a user-friendly interface and a unique control panel that makes setting up your server almost as easy as setting it up physically, but better! Rather We provide you with the ideal fusion of strength and scalability, along with excellent reliability, stability, and support.

It’s a cloud hosting that enables you to run your website on virtual or dedicated hardware. You can select the software setup, operating system, and CPU and memory consumption limits with a VPS.

A virtual private server, or VPS, has the exact hardware requirements as a physical server. A VPS Server and an actual physical server are identical, except that you can use more RAM for processing and storing your files on a VPS Server. You can install any application you require on a Hong Kong VPS Server, including Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

Windows VPS Server Hosting

The virtual private server hosting option known as Windows VPS Server Hosting enables you to run the entire Windows operating system on a dedicated server. Rather It is perfect for people and enterprises who need a natural environment to conduct business. 

Linux VPS Server Hosting

One of the most well-liked forms of hosting is Linux VPS server hosting. The reason it’s so well-liked is that it gives you total authority and control over your server. With all that Linux VPS hosting offers, setting up and maintaining any website on the Internet is simple. 

How our System work

Our system comprises several related services that maximize efficiency. For instance, we employ the cPanel Control Panel, which provides many practical tools for administering and safeguarding your website. Rather We also employ Plea Web Server Control Panel, which enables simple on-the-fly management of your website. You may use our unique control panel to configure other added features while keeping everything up and running.

Benefits of a VPS Server

Low latency: Your website will load faster than it would on a shared hosting server, thanks to the reduced latency offered by a Hong Kong VPS server. This is because of the processor and RAM that a dedicated server possesses. 

High RAM: we can find Up to 4GB of RAM and 120GB of storage space on a VPS server. This implies that there won’t be any speed or website stability difficulties if you run many applications on the same server.

High-speed SSD Driver

To guarantee that your website loads rapidly, even during periods of high traffic, Rather we provide a VPS Server with a high-speed SSD driver (SSD). You can start your business without worrying about technical difficulties or hardware problems because we provide wholly managed server services with zero downtime.

Flexibility and Control

We offer a lot of customization. Programs can be added or removed, the operating system can be tailored to your demands, and we can adjust the amount of data storage to suit your needs. You can set up your server with extra features like a dedicated IP address, an email account, and other services that might be required for your particular line of work. 


A VPS server delivers the highest levels of performance and dependability, giving you an ideal setting to host your website or application. Rather It is a provider of Hong Kong VPS Servers and virtual private servers. We hosted websites and programmers on these servers.

Better Performance

A VPS Server offers a high-performance setting that can manage heavy workloads. High performance translates to more responsive websites, quicker picture and video rendering, and lower latency. In addition, we optimized the server for low latency network connectivity, which gives you a better user experience when accessing your websites online.

High Availability

A VPS Server offers automatic failover between two servers to deliver a high availability service. You can rapidly migrate your data from one server to another using the live migration tool without downtime or functional loss. By doing this, you can be confident that your website will always be available, even if one server experiences a problem or needs repair.

24/7 Support Services

We offer live support services around-the-clock to assist you with any problems you encounter while using our server. To ensure you get the most out of our potent Hong Kong VPS Server, our technical team will be pleased to assist you in resolving any issue on your server. 


Onlive Server would well serve your Cheap VPS Server. Through the Dashboard, the server may be quickly and easily set up. Rather It is also an excellent choice for virtual dedicated servers for Hong Kong-based VPS hosting clients because it is economical, especially for corporate users.