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Are you looking for the best server performance Europe Dedicated Server? Onlive Server provides the best European dedicated hosting services, intending to provide customers with the highest levels of stability, security, and quality. Our solutions are scalable and come with multiple options, including shared plans and virtual private servers. You can easily choose between this range of products according to your needs by searching or browsing our website.

We design dedicated servers for those who require high performance, high availability, and excellent uptime. Every server listed on our dedicated server page has been tested by our test center engineers or selected based on their performance and configuration.

Europe Dedicated Server is a great way to speed up your website. They are ideal for eCommerce, community websites, or social networks with increased traffic and visitor numbers. Dedicated servers give you complete control over your Internet connection and will enable you to provide the best user experience possible for your customers.

Choosing a Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a specialized, purpose-built computer system designed specifically for a single organization. It typically has more powerful hardware, more RAM, and faster processors than typical servers. So, what makes dedicated service better than standard shared hosting?

Dedicated Servers with More RAM and Faster Processors

Besides the above advantages, dedicated servers come with more RAM and faster processors than most shared hosting plans. This means your website will handle more load at once, so you’ll have fewer errors and downtime during peak hours. Your website will function smoothly even if you have thousands of visitors daily.

Dedicated Servers Are Cost-Effective for Your Business

Dedicated servers are also cost-effective for your business because they don’t use up resources on other people’s websites. This means that you won’t be paying for bandwidth or other resources that aren’t necessary for you or your site — which can save you money in the long run.

High performance – When you choose a dedicated server, it has the resources to handle your website’s traffic. This means that your website will load faster and be more efficient. The following are some benefits of a dedicated server:

Increased security – A dedicated server gives you more control over your online data than shared servers do. For example, with a shared server, if one person logs out of their account and another person log in and try to access the same file, both users will see each other’s files unless they change their passwords simultaneously. However, only the user who purchased the server has access to its contents with a dedicated server.

More storage space

If you need more storage space than a shared hosting plan or even an individual domain name, you should have a dedicated hosting plan instead.

Control – You can set up your server exactly how you want it, so you don’t have to worry about messing up or having compatibility issues with other people’s software.

More Storage – You can easily upgrade your server’s storage capacity as necessary, which means less downtime and more uptime for your business.

Better Bandwidth

Your server will be dedicated entirely to your website, so there will be no interference from other websites on the same IP address. This is especially useful for companies that need high-speed connections and high availability.

Lower Cost – Having your server means you won’t have to pay expensive monthly hosting fees; instead, you can save money by taking advantage of cloud computing services.

High-quality SSD Driver

It has a high-quality SSD driver that can provide fast performance. It can provide reliable data storage. The SSD driver can provide enhanced functionality and reliability. The server can support multiple users, which makes it perfect for businesses that need to handle over one client at once.

Control Panel Access

The control panel manages the servers, databases, and other files hosted on the Onlive Server. We can access the control panel through our website or a web browser.

You must log in with your username and password to access the control panel. This username and password are specific to your account. If you have multiple accounts on our service, each account will have its username and password.

Some of the main features of dedicated servers include
  • Hosting on physical hardware
  • Access to 24/7 support
  • Faster response time (if needed)
  • Data backup, recovery, and restore capabilities
  • The Independent IP address assigned to your account
  • Ability to run multiple websites on one server
Europe Dedicated Server Reviews

Europe is the second biggest continent in the world and home to many internet users. We have compiled a list of the best European dedicated servers based on our experience and customer feedback.

24/7 live chat support

24/7 live chat support, a feature that allows you to have a real-time conversations with your customer representatives. This will enable you to resolve any issues that may arise much faster. This is especially important if the customer has technical problems or needs help with something related to their computer.


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