Google Workspace Pricing


Google Workspace is a Software as a service product developed by Google that groups all its cloud-based collaboration and productivity tools designed for businesses and institutes. It is a Google’s range of cloud-based office productivity tools. It initially included that Gmail, Docs, and Sheets, but in present years, Google has also added tools like Google Drive, Hangouts, Meet Video etc.

This has made it popular with millions of small to medium businesses worldwide. Higher-level plans offering advanced security features made it an attractive choice for bigger enterprises. But a present price rise has left many probable new customers wondering: is Google Workspace Pricing still an affordable option?

Google Workspace Pricing Features-

For small businesses, it is very important to consider because many of these features are related to security and data protection. For example, the vault feature was available with Google Suite Business priced very affordable but now to gain access.

Security related features –

  • It holds rules to stop protecting your organization’s messages and files.
  • Data that users deleted more than 30 days ago is immediately removed from all Google systems and cannot be recovered.
  • You can’t set up company-owned android devices to distribute apps.

How It works?

It is a platform that automates critical backend functions such as billing and activation. Also It is necessary for selling Google Workspace, saving time and money while improving the customer experience. It offers new google apps subscriptions and import existing subscriptions to give customers self -serve management capabilities.

From any stand point, now is the best time to start selling Google Workspace, or improve the Google experience you already provide, all powered by flexible technology. It is an option to provide 24*7 support with technical support services through app help.

Google Workspace Pricing Explained-

Google Workspace is the name for Google’s suite of business email addresses.

It changed name G Suite to Google Workplace and added different features to the old G Suite product. Google added a third pricing level called Google Business Plus and renamed the previous two levels.

The fundamental plan’s new name became Business Starter. A business version of G Suite became the business standard plan under the new Google Workspace.

It offered business email addresses and multiple devices such as Sheets, Docs, and Gmail when it first hit the scene. Later, many devices came into view such as Meet Video, Google Drive etc. It hopes the rebranding campaign to change the name to Google Workspace will help it compete more beneficially with Microsoft Office.

Google Business Email Business Starter Plan-

With the Business Starter Plan, you need to observe that:

  • You get one of the core aspects of Google Workspace, which is business email accounts for your individual business and eCommerce store of your employees.
  • You can control video meetings with up to 100 participants.
  • Your video meeting account does not allow for breakout rooms.
  • You and your team members have access to Slides, Sheets, and Docs.
  • The plan offers two step verification for greater security and management.

Google Business Email Enterprise Plan-

It gives you an unlimited amount of storage and space based on your needs. Pricing is based on the particular needs of your organization.

With the Enterprise Plan, you need to observe that:

  • Maximum participants for video meetings and recordings remain at 100 or more.
  • You can use noise cancellation technology in video and audio meetings.
  • You can conduct live streaming events.
  • It will provide you with unlimited storage space, based on your individual needs.
  • You get advanced enterprise controls to help with data loss prevention and more security.

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So, it is main takeaway here is that some important security features have been moved to a first- class plan and you will have to pay extra so you want to keep access to them. Hence, be prepared to exterior more for your Google Workspace Pricing plan going forward.