Cheap Windows VPS Hosting

Cheap Windows VPS Hosting

Onlive Server offers cheap Windows VPS hosting, which means you can have your own virtual private server on the web that runs just like a dedicated server but for less money. They are cheaper than all their competitors, plus they are extremely fast. Onlive Server also offers cloud hosting solutions for everything from email to domains to e-commerce sites, so you don’t have to worry about anything technical – the experts at Onlive Server do it all for you! Try now! Onlive Server offers you the best Cheap Windows VPS Hosting with high-speed SSD drives. They are cheaper than all their competitors, plus they are extremely fast. Try now! If you’re looking to save money on your hosting but still want all the benefits of Windows VPS, Onlive Server can help. With our SSD-driven Windows VPS Hosting, you’ll get plenty of power at an extremely affordable price! As always, all our Windows Virtual Private Servers are loaded with the latest technology to keep them running smoothly and securely at all times. We also offer generous amounts of high-speed bandwidth with each plan, along with plenty of storage space and RAM to give you room to grow as your business continues to expand.

What is VPS hosting?

The VPS Hosting of Onlive Server gives you 100% control of your site and the ability to change and customize everything. They are one of the biggest VPS hosting providers online which means they take care of everything, including design and maintenance. VPS Hosting is one of the best options for people with good knowledge of website development.

What are Free Space Calculator and Free Website Builder Software?

VPS hosting involves a server that is rented out by Onlive Server and can run many virtual servers. Many hosting providers offer a Free space Calculator which allows people to check how much space they need for their websites. Free website builder software makes web designing very easy for people who do not know how to code the web. VPS hosting is a type of web server that gives you more control over your site and your web presence. With regular shared hosting, your site runs on one of many servers alongside hundreds or thousands of other sites; there’s usually little to no customization allowed. However, many people find that they save money overall once their site starts making money (and depending on how traffic-heavy it is). These days, cheap Windows VPS hosting providers like Onlive Server offer extremely affordable options. They also provide SSDs instead of slower HDDs which provides even faster speeds for your websites! You also have much greater customization capabilities when it comes to picking operating systems for your virtual machines since they are yours exclusively.

Why do you need it

For you to have a shiny and responsive website, your website has to have:

  • Fast performance
  • Reliable
  • Multi-threaded
  • Fast servers
  • Minimal start-up time

Cheap Windows VPS hosting offers the best combination of cheap servers and high speed, plus the best customer service. Onlive Servers are rock solid, therefore their cost. Onlive Server offers 24/7 support through phone or email for each of their plans, as well as email support. Windows VPS Hosting is a type of virtual private server hosting offered by many web hosting companies. It is essentially a virtual machine hosted on a physical server that shares that server’s resources. Windows VPS Hosting offers a range of benefits over normally shared hosting plans. Its online customer support may take a while to respond, but they have a solid commitment to getting back to their customers. Onlive doesn’t just have good customer service but a rock-solid system of backups and cloud services. Onlive servers provide better value and reliability than all their competitors.

What Makes Onlive Server Different From Other VPS Providers?

VPS hosting is a type of web hosting service in which a single server runs multiple virtual servers, each of which appears to be a dedicated server to its own customers. Since there is only one physical machine being used, costs are reduced compared to services that have more physical hardware at their disposal. This also makes operating and maintaining a Virtual Private Server easier, since it has fewer components than a traditional dedicated server would have. In addition, reliability can be increased due to hardware redundancy—virtual private servers may be able to leverage unused portions of their host’s physical hardware in case one component fails. And if your Virtual Private Server is properly configured, it could offer superior performance compared to many dedicated servers because its resources will likely be better utilized.

A VPS is just like any other type of server in that it gives you all of the capabilities of a traditional, server. You can host files, set up domains and databases, run your own scripts, and more. But there are some key differences between virtual servers and regular ones. The biggest is in terms of ownership—whereas a standard server must be purchased by you or your company outright, a virtual one runs on top of its own dedicated physical machine.

How to choose the best Cheap Windows VPS hosting for your needs

Before you begin looking at Cheap Windows VPS Hosting providers, you need to consider a few things. Some people like cheap Windows VPS hosting. Others hate it. Remember that Windows is a pain in the neck to configure and maintain, so you’ll want to go for a firm that’s experienced and offers easy access to setup guides.

Some cheap Windows VPS providers charge a small commission or variable monthly fee. This means you can try them out and see how good their services are before you commit to an annual subscription, which could be quite expensive. Onlive Server is different. Instead of charging a small fee they give you a free month trial so you can play a game for free, and from then on you pay the cost of the game only.

The benefits of windows VPS hosting

I am going to give you the reasons why we think windows VPS hosting is the best alternative to other web hosting options.

Stable server. They deliver dedicated Windows virtual machines which are always a guarantee that your server will be always online. They have extremely high load and scalability and hence are more stable than other servers out there. We deliver cheap Windows VPS machines which are always a guarantee that your server will be always online. They have extremely high load and scalability and hence are more stable than other servers out there. Full control over your servers. They are the best choice when you require maximum control over your hardware.

Cheap Windows VPS hosting providers sometimes seem appealing, but you really do get what you pay for. Low-quality hardware and slow support mean that cheap Windows VPS hosts often fall short of customer expectations, which is why Onlive Server works hard to make sure it is affordable without sacrificing any of our commitment to performance. All our packages include SSD drives and there are no fees or hidden costs. Additionally, we genuinely want every customer to be happy. If you haven’t already given us a try, now is an excellent time.


Most companies and hosting companies offer Windows VPS hosting. But, Onlive Server is an unusual example that offers the best of both worlds. Their pricing is one of the best, but their speeds are even faster. They are faster than most of their competitors because they do not even load VPS applications on Windows operating systems. They use the Onlive Server accelerator and have a custom configuration for their Windows VPS.