What is Dedicated Server

With a dedicated server, you get to use a single server completely and you don’t have to share the server with any other. This makes you the controlling person and you can select your server as per your requirement and as per your domain name registration requirements. Although dedicated server hosting is costly, you get various features and options that are worth paying for. Mostly, if your website is visited by a lot of people in a short period of time, then a dedicated server is the best option for you. Buy Dedicated Server is a cost-effective hosting solution that can be ideal for startups and small businesses. It provides all the necessary tools to start, manage and scale your website or application. A dedicated server is suitable for hosting applications with high-security requirements such as eCommerce websites, webmail services, online forums, etc.

Features Of Dedicated Server

  • Fast speed
  • Highly Secure
  • Highly advanced hardware and resources
  • Increased trustability.
  • Dedicated Resources.
  • Grow Efficiency on a Green Platform
  • Upgrade Performance.
  • Scale Resources Instantly.
  • Fully Managed Services.
  • Save Money & Grow.
  • Highly advanced 3-tier compliant data centers
  • Data backups regularly

Advantage of Dedicated Server

Resources and performance:

A Dedicated Server can handle large amounts of information at any one time. Thus, you can rely on it for the performance of the server and it will not show any glitches even if your website has high traffic. When it comes to raw performance, like CPU/GPU power, RAM, storage, or other hardware then dedicated servers come out on top. You won’t find any VPS or the shared server that can function higher than a buy dedicated server, as you might not have to share your assets with the latter. You enjoy super high speed and zero latency. If your website is loaded with data-heavy content, you need a super high-performance server that can zero content load times.


If a customer faces a web hosting security danger on a shared server, it can become problematic for other users as well. Since a dedicated server hosts a single client, it is more secure than a Best Cheap VPS or shared server. It also has access to more resources, making it easier to spot security breakings. Enhanced security is especially beneficial.


A dedicated server offers you the highest flexibility when it comes to configuring your server and modifying the resource budget. If your business is growing fastly or there is a period of a dramatic increase in web traffic, a dedicated server will adapt to these changes and remain in performance to prevent a slowdown.


It generally depends on how much traffic will be on the website. The dedicated server bandwidth will control the quantity of data that can be easily transferred from the server to the website, and vice versa, within a specific period of time. A website that has a lot of traffic needs more bandwidth. Also, a website that will contain images, videos, and scripts that will require intensive database communication will need large bandwidth.


If you pick a dedicated server, you can rest easy knowing that you have dedicated engineers and technicians to set up and maintain your server. It also becomes convenient to optimize or fix problems because these experts are not required to deal with other streams of data on the server, or restricted by other customers. With more freedom, they will have room for more choices and solutions when faced with problems.


A Dedicated Server gives super high performance to advanced security, a dedicated server will give you the best in hosting. So, it is one of the most expensive of all web hosting options. Dedicated hosting is generally too costly than another hosting. Onlive Server is one of the best dedicated server providers in 50+ countries at an affordable price.


Onlive Server has years of experience providing affordable dedicated servers to small businesses and organizations. We provide a wide range of products, including virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and cloud-based solutions. Whether you need custom solutions or something more standard, we are here to help. Onlive Server offers a number of dedicated servers to choose from, but all of them have been built with the same goal in mind – to provide you with an affordable, reliable service that you can customize and manage as you see fit.